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Yves, Roger,Robert & Alec in London September 2005


Founders and Council

Each one is as a small light. All together we are a powerful light.

(Hanouka song)

The Association has is registered office in France. It was incorporated on 24/02/2003 at the Préfecture des Hauts-de-Seine (ILE-DE-FRANCE). The official announced was published under N°2042 in the Journal Officiel of 12/04/03 issue no. 20030015.

Association Internationale Nebi Daniel
22 Cours Ferdinand de Lesseps,
92500 Rueil Malmaison, France
Mail : | Fax : + 33 (0) 141 96 87 31

It is an apolitical and not for profit Association. Its ordinary members and its council members are former Jews from Egypt, who are now spread across the world.

The Founders and the Council

From left to right on 14/04/2003:: Joseph, Robert, André, Alec, Salomon, Yves, Roger


Born in Alexandria in 1933. Primary and secondary studies at the British Boys School. Left in 1950 for higher studies in London. Electromechanical engineer. Since 1955 coordinator of Sephardi Associations; formerly at the AJOE.


Born in Alexandria in 1940. Studied at the Union Juive. Left in 1959, finished studies in England. PhD in Electronics, London University. Since 2002, has been campaigning for a copy of the registers in Alexandria. His father was Chancellor of the Alexandria Community for nearly 10 years.


Born in Cairo in 1929. Student at the Lycee Français, Scholarship from the Egyptian Government. Chemical Engineer, Montpellier 1950, Engineer french Rubber Inst. 1952. Adminsitrator of the Association des Juifs Originaires d’Egypte (AJOE). His wife Andrée is the daughter of Me Felix Benzakein, Judge at the Alexandria Community. His uncle was the President of the Cairo Community (in the 30s).


Born in Alexandria in 1945. Student at the College St Marc. Left in 1956, studied in Paris and London. BA University of Sussex, MBA (INSEAD). Returned to Alexandria in 1959 for one year (visa granted by President Nasser). British Boys School. In 2002, initiates the petition to President Chirac. His ancestors, Moshe Malka and Yossef Bin Nun, were respectively Chief Rabbis of Jerusalem and Jaffa.


Born in Alexandria in 1943. Left in 1956, studied in Switzerland (Engineer) and in London (MSc). Senior executive in an IT multinational company. Active member of the Association of Jews from Egypt (AJE). Several conferences and articles on Jews from Egypt. His grandfather was the Honorary President of the Israeli Community of Cairo.

With the exception of Salomon Baruch, who retired in June 2005 for health reasons, the members of the Council are the founders, who since co-opted:


Born in Alexandria in 1934, Medical studies interrupted in 1956. Left in 1956 for Italy and then Australia. For the last 10 years promotes research and study and of the history of Jews from Egypt. His wife, Racheline Abecassis, who was born in Alexandria, is preparing a doctorate on the emigration of Jews from Egypt to Australia and France. His grandfather, born in Alexandria in 1865, founded an important business in the cotton trade which included a cotton-ginning factory at Simbellawein as well as several export companies.


Born in Tantah in 1931. Student at the Union Juive in Alexandria. Left in 1955 for France. Textile Engineer at the Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers in Paris. He founded the ASPCJE (Association pour la Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Culturel des Juifs d’Egypte) with Jacques Hassoun in 1979 and is now its Secretary-general. His family lived in Egypt from the 18th century and included the Chief Rabbis Eliahou Israel and Yom Tov Israel.


Born in Cairo in 1944. Student at the Lycee Français in Bab el Louk. Left in 1961 for France. Engineer ETP Paris and MBA. He reprinted the Siddour Farhi (Hebrew-Arabic), published and translated into Arabic by his grandfather. Very interested in genealogy, he manages the well-known genealogical site «Les Fleurs d’Orient ». There were many rabbis, diplomats and poets among his family in the Ottoman Empire.

At the General Assembly of 19/06/2005, the Council was re-elected by the voting members.

The following Honorary Members were elected at the onset and were chosen for their open and moderate views:


Born in Cairo, Yadid family. Author and Professor at the University of Haifa, campaigns for bringing people together through literature. Books and poems translated into Arabic.


Born in 1929 in Alexandria. . Author, with several books on Alexandria and its communities.

Statutes and Supports

You can download the Statutes of the Association. Our cause has received the written support of the following associations and personalities :

As well as the support of numerous individuals. In total, almost 1200 families originating from Egypt. How about your support ?

General Assembly

to be called every 2 years, it was held for the first time on 19th June 2005. You can download the Agenda. The Minutes of Council and General Assembly meetings remain confidential. They are, however, at the disposal of members who may consult them at the Association’s office upon request.

The Treasurer’s report for the first two year’s activity was presented. It is available upon request to up-to-date members he treasurer pointed out during his speech that travel expenses in Egypt, Australia, USA, England and France have been paid personally by each Council member individually.

The preservation and continuous management, in accordance with Jewish traditions, of the religious and cultural heritage, the financial and real-estate assets and the civil and religious registers of the Jewish Community of Alexandria and, by extension, the Jewish Community of Egypt.