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The Jewish Community in Egypt numbered less than 5,000 around 150 years ago and rose to fewer than 100,000 during the 1st half of the 20th century. Its dramatic decline began in 1947 as a consequence of the well-known geo-political events.

Today, there are less than 50 Jews residing permanently in Cairo and Alexandria.

Our Association aims to propose and implement a lasting solution for the preservation of Jewish communal assets, in strict compliance with Egyptian legislation.

Community life during the 19th and 20th centuries saw the emergence of a substantial religious and cultural heritage, through creation or import : synagogues, Torah scrolls, ceremonial objects, cemeteries, as well as documents and civil registers which, for many, constitute the sole proof of their religious and civil identities.

Owing to the abrupt exodus, whether forced or under duress, during the 1947-1967 period, this heritage remains in Egypt under the custody of the last surviving community members. Their environment is one where security measures are necessary because of the unstable regional situation.

Initially centred on Alexandria, our objective also extends to Cairo.


Do not say “How is it that former times were better than these?” for not out of wisdom have you asked concerning this. Wisdom is good with a heritage: and by it there is profit to those who see the sun. (Kohelet VII 10-11)


Our individual memories are fleeting, triggered by sounds, tastes, smells, places and people that evoke the cradle of our youth. We all treasure these individual memories.

However, the only memory we can pass on is a collective one. One that has forged our identity, one that makes us who we are and determines what we will transmit. As Jews from Egypt, it can only be found in the heritage created by our fathers. It can only be passed on through its history and its preservation. We strive – alongside similar associations – to ensure that this page of Egyptian history, its Jews and our families will always be remembered and honoured.

association               Défilé de Bat- Mitzva à Alexandrie

It behoves us to honour this memory in a lasting way; the Egyptian authorities should allow us to do so in an equitable way.

Please tour our site to acquaint yourself with this heritage and our thoughts about preserving it. If this strikes a chord, we invite you to join our Association, sign the petition or simply send us your comments. We thank you for your interest.

The preservation and continuous management, in accordance with Jewish traditions, of the religious and cultural heritage, the financial and real-estate assets and the civil and religious registers of the Jewish Community of Alexandria and, by extension, the Jewish Community of Egypt.