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Seal the Past into the Future.

(André Malraux)

1/ Chatby cemetery :

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We are awaiting estimates for re-landscaping the 3 cemeteries in Alexandria. We hope to initiate this year a project to clean up and landscape at least one of the cemeteries at Chatby.


Last year a delegation of the Association Internationale Nebi Daniel (AIND) visited the cemeteries in Alexandria and noticed that the main walkways in trodden earth at the Nr 2 cemetery in Chatby were unstable and dirty. The nature of the ground meant that both drainage and cleaning were poor, which made walking difficult and hazardous. The Council of AIND decided to pave the central and four main perpendicular lateral walkways, as well as the central square around the Menasce monument.

One of AIND’s objectives is to be active in local preservation and we felt that it would be appropriate to collaborate with the Community and engage local contractors, whilst ensuring that funding was put to good use.

A delegation from the AIND Council (Roger Bilboul, Yves Fedida and Alec Nacamuli) returned to Egypt early February 2007 to see, amongst other things, how work was progressing. They were gratified to observe the high quality of the paving work carried out, with the necessary expansion joints and the appropriate drainage facilities. The new concrete borders also better delimit the paths and ensure an aesthetically pleasing finish; the beautiful monuments along the pathways are now shown to best advantage.

The works cost €7,500 funded personally by the AIND Council members, with the ASPCJE Association in Paris contributing €1,000. The funds were made available to the Alexandria Community via the American Joint Distribution Committee who has an established channel to remit funds to them. Local members of this small Community chose the contractors and oversaw the work.The President of the Community initiated the required planning consents and paid the contractor in line with agreed deliverables. We are grateful to all those who contributed to this effort.


We were very encouraged by this pilot project which demonstrates that quality work can be carried out and monitored. We are currently evaluating budgets for larger scale repairs and cleaning up at the other two cemeteries (Chatby Nr 3 and Mazarita) and intend to launch an appeal towards this worthwhile endeavour.

2/ World Congress of Jews from Egypt

The AIND actively participated in several congresses and meetings organised during 2006 and 2007 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the departure of several amongst us.

A) The first, and probably most moving, was the World Congress of Jews from Egypt (WCJE) in Haifa, early July 2006. The AIND led a half-day session devoted to the current status of our religious and cultural heritage in Egypt and presenting our programme which gained unanimous support.

At the side you can find the important Final Resolution from the WCJE, an article published in Haaretz as well as Alec Nacamuli’s presentation. Yves Fedida’s presentation on the Registers is in the “Registers” page.

We must acknowledge Mr and Mrs J. Barda’s magnificent initiative to create a fund for the study of the History of Jews from Egypt during the last 2 centuries at Haifa University. Racheline and Jo have launched the fund with an endowment of $50,000 – Kol Hakavod.

B) The ASPCJE organised the «Journées du Judaisme Egyptien» at the Centre Communautaire de Paris in November 2006.

The date coincided with anniversary of the first expulsions in November 1956 following the Suez events. Several leading figures, such as Chief Rabbis René-Emmanuel Sirat and David Messas, joined the various associations (ASPCJ, AJE, AIND) to open these memorable days (see attached summary).

Numerous books published by the ASPCJE and several paintings by Jews from Egypt were on display, alongside moving photos, letters, illustrations and envelopes. A scrumptious lunch provided the perfect atmosphere for old friends to reunite.

The Nebi Daniel Association presented its objectives, achievements and plans to preserve our religious and cultural heritage, with particular emphasis on the Registers.

C) The INALCO and the ASPCJE organised a symposium in February 2007 on the Jews from Egypt, regrouping distinguished historians and researchers. Yves Fedida presented, on behalf of AIND, a paper on the Jewish Community of Alexandria.

The World Congress of Jews from Egypt will be held in Haifa from 3-6 July 2006. See www.wcje.netor full details, programme, registration and accommodation. Our association has agreed with the organisers to sponsor a full morning to debate the issues surrounding heritage.


The programme, in which former Chief Rabbi René-Samuel Sirat will exceptionally participate, currently runs as follows:

Third Day : Wednesday, July 5th ( Dan Carmel, Red Room )

“The Jewish Heritage in Egypt”

I - The Heritage in Egypt today:

1/ Current status :

- 09.00- Alec Nacamuli(A.I. Nebi Daniel) French & / or English

Registers, Synagogues, Scrolls, Cemeteries, Books, Population, Overview, Film &/or Slide Presentation

2/ Civil and religious registers:

- 09.25 Yves Fedida (A.I. Nebi Daniel) French & / or English

Registers : Historical Background, Status, Importance & Handling

- Frederic Abecassis, Lecturing Professor at Ecole Normale Superieure, School of Literature & Humanities French

Between Law and Practice : How the Jews of Egypt became foreigners (end 19th century - 1956)

- 10h20 Coffee break

3/ Sifrei Torah, Artefacts & Books:

- 10.50 M. le Grand Rabbin René-Samuel Sirat French

Preservation & Testimony- Localisation, Reality and Law

- 11.20 Prof. Sasson Somekh (Hebrew)

The Israeli Academic Center in Cairo and the Jewish Heritage.

4/ Managing assets –People, synagogues cemeteries :

- 11.40- Ami Bergman (American Joint Committee.) Hebrew or English

Past & present role and activities of the American Joint Committee in Egypt

II- Le Patrimoine en Egypte Demain : de 1hr à 1h30

II- The Heritage in Egypt tomorrow: 1 to 1 1/2 Hours

Moderators : R. Bilboul, R. Farhi, Y. Fedida, J. Barda, A. Nacamuli, André Cohen

5/ Open Round Table Discussion & Final Track Resolution


3/ Music :

With the FJF we are hoping to record the scores of the Alexandria choirmaster Maestro Alberto Hemsi, whose moving arrangements contributed to the glory of the Eliahou Hanabi synagogue.

chorale de 1954

If you recognise any of the members of that choir in the photo, or are in possession of any scores, please contact us, many thanks.

The preservation and continuous management, in accordance with Jewish traditions, of the religious and cultural heritage, the financial and real-estate assets and the civil and religious registers of the Jewish Community of Alexandria and, by extension, the Jewish Community of Egypt.