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If I am not for myself, who is for me? When I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?

(Pyrke Avot I.14)


- 2006 :

50th anniversary of the Suez crisis leading to the expulsion of French and British citizens, as well as stateless Jews.

- 2007 :

60th anniversary of the introduction of employment and education entry restrictions (numerus clausus). Together with nationalisations, that affected the entire Egyptian population, these two events, whatever their cause, triggered the exile of the Jewish population from Egypt.

We wish on this occasion to draw the attention, of the generous authorities of the various countries that welcomed us, to the deafening silence of the Egyptian authorities in response to our repeated requests. We support, encourage and definitely do not wish to question the generous assistance provided to Egypt by our respective countries. We continue in this modest way to contribute to its well-being.

The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious, the desire to touch hearts is wise (Maya Angelou)

But this contribution gives us a voice. Integration in our country of refuge was quiet and without recrimination; it took place in pain but with dignity. Since then, our contribution to our country’s development and hence to the generous aide it regularly extends for Egypt’s own development, authorizes us to voice our aspirations through a petition which Egypt could easily and elegantly fulfil, at no material cost.

As a matter of information: 1/3 of the Jews of Egypt currently reside in Israel. Together with Latin America, the other 2/3 reside in one of the following contributing countries:



The program of cooperation between Egypt and the European Union is divided in 2 periods:
-1977–1995: several activities that are still on-going at this time.
-Since 1996 Egypt as been the recipient of 665 million Euros through the M.E.D.A programme (source: E.U. External Relations).



The U.S.A. have granted Egypt 1.3 billion US dollars per annum in military aid since 1979 and 815 million US dollars per annum in economic aid since 1975. This totals almost 50 billion US dollars for the past 30 years. (CS Monitor 12/04/2004).



Among the recipients of Canadian aid, bilateral spending for Egypt between 1976 and the 2001-2 financial year has totalled 325.2 million Canadian dollars (excluding debt rescheduling)… total Canadian assistance to Egypt in 2001-2 has increased to about 25 million Canadian dollars. (RCI)



By the means of its Overseas Aid, Australia has offered Egypt 97 million Australian dollars for debt rescheduling from 1995 to 2002. (Foreign Minister, 22/05/2001 P. 66).

Therefore we invite you to make your voice heard by downloading and printing the petition below. Please sign it and mail it to us and we will submit it to the appropriate administration in your country and to the Egyptian Authorities in due course.

Download the petition, print it, sign it and address it to our Association, for which we thank you in advance.

The preservation and continuous management, in accordance with Jewish traditions, of the religious and cultural heritage, the financial and real-estate assets and the civil and religious registers of the Jewish Community of Alexandria and, by extension, the Jewish Community of Egypt.